Dark Passenger (digi 45)

by MyGrane McNastee

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Inspired by the Showtime Series "Dexter". Songs are influenced by its characters and situations. Da Morgue Ent. does not necessarily agree with the content or situations of the project. Mental Discretion Advised.


released June 30, 2013

Beats by Manifest Productions
Mixed and Arranged by Da Morgue Ent.
Written and Directed by MyGrane McNastee



all rights reserved


MyGrane McNastee Orlando, Florida

I was an Alien who died giving birth to my mother...then She had Me!

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Track Name: Dark Passenger
Life is an instrument

Consider me the composer of death

Music is my passion

I have to create it to feel alive

There’s no light without dark

One can’t exist without the other

When I’m swimming in a pool of darkness

Thinking like a shark does

Eyes covered by dark blood

I’m on one

My inner self a weapon

I keep concealed

Learn to channel it against your evil shield

My soul passenger darker than the inside of a casket is

Didn’t ask for this

Was born activist

Subtracting them from acting bad again

I entered into darkness

So far inside I can’t exit it

So far in

Can’t get out of the darkness

So far in

Can’t get out of the darkness

The source of my blood lust and investigative prowess

Is a voice in my head I call the dark passenger

It provides me supernatural awareness of the world around me

The only way to take out a dark passenger is to kill the driver

The darkness is bottled in Halloween

I’m not sure about what I feel or what I believe

Far past the blur is my dark passenger

That I cover up with wit and sarcastic slurs

Thoughtless emotions embark in surge

Because there is a dark side inside the heart’s turf

I’m supposed to kill

But I only kill those who kill

Rob them of the serial killing the overkill

Killing the villain is in just cringles

Missing innocence

Vigilance intercepts the pestilence

My dark passenger

Supernatural element

Strap an entity overwhelmingly with viciousness

So far in

Can’t get out of the darkness

So far in

Can’t get out of the darkness

I channel my murderous urges through vigilantism

Killing other killers, I kill killers b

Numb to emotion

I close my eyes and all I see is bloody oceans

What you see is what you believe

So for me it’s easy to deceive

Your brain Adam at any Eve

All you see is eyes and part of a grin

I’m gonna win cuz I’m one with my monster within

So far in there’s no escape from a so-called sin

If you relate then you also grin

The dark side of me is a far side unseen

I believe when I see smell and feel but I read

I try to blend in but I’m tired of pretending


I’m here to preditate other predators

Whatever words express the core of my essence


Birth death the villain pregnant

More than a lesson learning how to suppress it

Otherwise the manner aggressive

And animalistic with vengeance against anything wicked

My dark passenger specific
Track Name: Blood Slide
Track Name: Surprise Mother Fucker!
Surprise Mother Fucker!